An introduction to the three strike law

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Three Strikes Law

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California Three Strikes Law and Proposition 36 Reforms

History[ edit ] The law was put into effect infollowing costly transit strikes the previous year and is named for George W.

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Criticism and reform[ edit ] While government officials support the Taylor Law as a way of preventing strikes by municipal unions in New York, the unions contend that the law is harsh on them. President Franklin Roosevelt's speech to the U.

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Taylor Law

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One application of a three-strikes law was the Leonardo Andrade case in California in In this case, Leandro Andrade attempted to rob $ in videotapes from two San Bernardino K-Mart stores. He was charged under California's three-strikes law because of his criminal history concerning drugs and other burglaries.

The Three Strikes law is an example of a sentence enhancement because strikers receive additional time in prison for their current offense because of their prior convictions for serious or violent crimes.

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A Note To The Law Of War Student: Particularly relevant sections of underlying case readings are yellow student is, however, expected to at least be familiar with the entire reading. In certain circumstance where the sentencing court finds that a second or third strike defendant falls outside the "spirit" of the 3-Strikes Law, the court may, either on motion of the prosecutor or on the court’s own motion, strike or dismiss one or more "strike" priors.

An introduction to the three strike law
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