An introduction to the country of kurdistan

The Kurdish literacy the ability to read and write rate is very low. The objection of the British to Kurdish self-rule sprang from the fear that success of an independent Kurdish area would tempt the two Arab areas of Baghdad and Basra to follow suit, hence endangering the direct British control over all Mesopotamia.

Kurdish population

The older generation was forced to because I heard they could be instantly put to death for speaking Kurdish in public. Kurds are a Iranian people but not all of them live in Iran.

Moss, Joyce, and George Wilson. During World War II, the power vacuum in Iraq was exploited by the Kurdish tribes and under the leadership of Mustafa Barzani a rebellion broke out in the north, effectively gaining control of Kurdish areas untilwhen Iraqis could once again subdue the Kurds with British support.

Spend an hour learning about some of the latest developments in Kurdistan and you can officially call yourself informed on the topic. The region was conquered by Arab Muslims in the mid 7th century AD as the invading forces conquered the Sassanian Empirewhile Assyria was dissolved as a geo-political entity although Assyrians remain in the area to this dayand the area made part of the Muslim Arab RashidunUmayyadand later the Abbasid Caliphates, before becoming part of various IranianTurkicand Mongol emirates.

Iraqi Kurdistan

This was not received well in Baghdad, and as a result, Qasim began to prepare for a military offensive against the north to return government control of the region. I passed by a wedding party and it was even worse, with faces so made up they may as well have been wearing a mask.

Camel-and horse-racing are popular in rural areas. It was not until September 10, when an Iraqi army column was ambushed by a group of Kurds, that the Kurdish revolt truly began. The majority live in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Women make carpets and cloth to sell at market. Cover the dough and let it rest for at least 15 minutes, or up to 3 hours. The objection of the British to Kurdish self-rule sprang from the fear that success of an independent Kurdish area would tempt the two Arab areas of Baghdad and Basra to follow suit, hence endangering the direct British control over all Mesopotamia.

I mean I had a social studies project about the Kurds and this rele helps Bailey Nov 29, 2: Some urban Kurds work as bricklayers, butchers, cattle dealers, and small traders.

The government there is less hostile, but it has trouble supporting millions of refugees. Meanwhile, the Kurdish civilians continue to suffer.

After the Persian Gulf Warthousands more Kurds were forced into refugee camps. The music of Sivan Perwar, a Kurdish pop music performer, was banned in Turkey and Iraq in the s, so he left the region to live and work in Sweden.

Iraqi Kurdistan

Other crafts are embroidery, leather-working, and metal ornamentation. The cities are huge construction zones. Jeani Lombardio Sep 1, 4: They only wish to be allowed to maintain their own language and culture.

Thousands of villages were destroyed and tens of thousands of Kurds were murdered and buried in mass graves. Sincethe government of Turkey has attacked Kurdish civilian centers inside the UN-protected areas. Inthe Barzani demanded the formation of a Kurdish province in northern Iraq.

I never visited Iraq under Saddam, but I have read it was far less conservative than the nearby Gulf countries.

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The car or bus was just waived through, other times I was asked to show my passport and Iraqi Kurdistan entry stamp. Assyrian kings are attested from the 23rd century BC according to the Assyrian King Listand Assyrian city-states such as Ashur and Ekallatum started appearing in the region from the midst century BC.

Following the disintegration of the Ak Koyunluall of its territories including what is modern-day Iraqi Kurdistan passed to the Iranian Safavids in the earliest 16th century. One of the worst massacres occurred in the Iraqi Kurd town of Halabja.

The region became a center of the Assyrian Church of the East and a flourishing Syriac literary tradition during Sassanid rule. But women here definitely work, pursue education, and positively contribute to the community.

The Middle East and North Africa1st ed. Kurds have almost never had a country of their own. "Kurdistan" is the mountainous area where the borders of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey meet. The average altitude is 6, feet (1, meters) and much of the land is inaccessible (difficult to reach).

The Kurdish Project is a collaborative effort to educate people on Kurdish values, culture and history. By sharing stories and insights from the region we aim to create a better understanding of the people of Kurdistan. Jul 04,  · Lilan, an Access student at UKH takes us on a tour of the university.

Iraqi Kurdistan, officially called the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Kurdish: هه‌رێمی کوردستان ‎, translit. Herêmî Kurdistan) by the Iraqi constitution, [6] [7] is an autonomous region located in northern Iraq. [8]Religion: Islam (Sunni and Shia), Christianity, Yazdânism, Zoroastrianism. In October I traveled from Tbilisi, Georgia to Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdistan. I think Kurdistan needs a bit of an explanation. The Kurds are the largest ethnic group on the planet without a homeland to call their own.

The Kurds and Arabs both have laid a claim to the city, and today it is partitioned into a Kurdish north and Arab south. Though this is one country, there are checkpoints throughout both southern Iraq and northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan).

Going from Erbil to Sulaymaniyah, a journey completely inside Iraqi Kurdistan, there were four checkpoints.

An introduction to the country of kurdistan
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